Sex after the disco

The disco night with my friend Lilo and her friend Doris was over. I waited with Lilo until Doris came back with the jackets of “my” two ladies.
But Doris had not only the jackets, but also a strange young man. As she said, the latter had sought a ride-and found with us.
I hardly knew Doris, but I was sure she would not only drive the man home.
So on the way home Lilo and I sat together on the back seat, Doris drove, their “conquest” sat on the passenger seat.
Since I did not have to drive, I naturally had some beer intus. My friend had also a few alcoholic cocktails nibbles.
So we were both a bit amused. I do not know how it came to that.
In any case, we were seated on the back seat, and my hand lay far above her knee on her leg-and she slid upward.
So I stroked Lilo through her thin cloth pants between the legs as we continued to knotten and played our tongues with each other.
We heard the two talking animatedly in the front, and apparently we knew nothing of ours.
Soon my other hand lay on the huge top of my acquaintances, who was a little chubby and a few years older than me.
And me? – I was horny now!
So I began to unbutton her blouse, but she pushed my hands away.
“Not, we’re not alone,” she whispered to me.
“So what? The two of them have already seen a naked chest, “I gasped in her ear. I was just sharp now and wanted more.
But she hesitated.
So I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them with the shorts down. My stiff tail jumped big and thick.
She could not resist this temptation and attacked me.
Now she also allowed me to unbutton her blouse and free her heavy tits in the black bra. After two or three movements, I had also freed her from the brassiere. I leaned over to her and already one of her big nipples disappeared between my lips.
And my hand wandered into her pants, into her panties, where I received moist warmth of her pussy.
That we were not alone, we had completely forgotten.
It was not until the car stopped that a voice came to us: “So you two. Shall we leave alone? ”
I looked up, Doris had steered the car into the farthest corner of a dark parking lot.
“Yes, it would be great,” I replied.
Already the two had disappeared from the car and behind a hedge.
I freed myself from my shirt and my pants, was now completely naked, got out, went around the car and opened the door to my friend.
I could still watch as she peeled from her panties. Now she too was naked except for her shoes and looked questioningly at me, wanted to know how it goes on.
I took her by the hand and pulled her out of the car to the rear of the car.
There I leaned her with my back toward me against the stern. She reached out at once for her butt.
I grabbed the test between her legs: she was really wet.
First I rubbed my cock on her buttocks and then penetrated from behind into her. What she answered with a loud groan.
Then I began the ancient pure-and-play game, which caused her full breasts to rock until I covered her great mollies with her hands and massaged hot.
It was a really horny fuck and from somewhere we heard other sex groans. What also inspired us.