My Fuck-Goddess

Tomorrow I will see her again, my goddess. When I am not with her, I feel useless; It is as if my existence no longer had any meaning. When she is there, all is well. I belong to her, and my job is to make her happy at all costs. Her world is perfect, she is the center of my world. It’s already late, and I lie down in bed. Naked. I imagine how she ties my hands to the bed, connects my eyes, and raises her tender fingers on her legs. My legs are smooth, hairless, like the rest of my body. I never liked body hair, but my earthly goddess has solved the problem for me. It has allowed my hair to become electrically eroded. I imagine how she scratches her long nails at the bottom of my sack, careful, slow. My trimmed tail is hard as steel. She herself has circumcised me, and I will never forget this liberating pain, this painful explosion of pleasure in my head as she cut away the useless skin from the scalpel.

I dream about how she takes my cock and takes it in between her smooth, moist, hairless labia; As it fuses the divine warm moist constriction; In my dream I feel as she begins to rock gently, then more and more aggressively up and down. She bends down, her hard nipples streaming my lips; That is my sign to erect me as far as I can still hold my tied hands to nipple my lips. I can not stand it without her. I’m starting to play my glans, but she has cut me so tightly that I can not masturbate without help without rubbing my glans. I reach for the massage oil on the night table and oil my glans. Now I cover my cock and give me all the effort to replace the divine vagina of my mistress as much as possible. My abdomen explodes, and I realize that I am lying in a puddle of sperm and oil. I get up to cover the bed again. Damn, I have to get out tomorrow morning, prepare the house for the arrival of my goddess!

Seven o’clock. The alarm clock is ringing. Have breakfast. Showers, hair treatment. She immediately sees when my hair is not in order. She bitches when I cut off an inch. Brush teeth. Shave thoroughly, mustache. Do not forget your favorite aftershave. And her favorite. Now the wardrobe. What should I wear? Everything is black, so much is clear. Even the underwear. She likes black. Besides it emphasizes my pale complexion, and for them I must be snow-white. The tight lacing. She likes my thin legs, she wants to see her. But what now? Today prefer the sleeveless net shirt because she can see my thin arms, my hairless armpits and my nipple rings? Or rather the soft shirt with frills, because I look more noble when I pick it up? Better the net shirt. She’s so terribly horny lately, she’s going to be very angry when I cover my charms. My face is on my face. I use only a little black eyeliner and a little gray eyeshadow, plus black lipstick; After all, today is no party, and she will smear anything again. My fingernails are still okay. The lacquer does not splinter yet. Make bed. Dust suction. Clear the books. Clean the candlesticks. All the toys on the shelf at the bed. Ten o’clock. Pure in my black coat.Simply to buy the flower shop, a long-stemmed black rose, and the tram to the station.

Your train is coming. She gets out. She smiles. My world is complete again. She is the center of my universe. She looks beautiful, a white face carved from ivory, long dark hair, deep blue eyes, dramatically accentuated by her dark make-up, full, sensual lips, a perfect, small pointed nose a ring In the left nostril, red eyebrows like the brush; In her long, black dress, she looks like a witch, a mysterious, erotic, powerful woman, a magician, dangerous and mighty. She is a goddess, and I can touch her. I bow, kiss her hand, and give her the rose. She smiles at me. Then she pulls me to her and kisses me. Her soft, moist lips suck at mine, her tongue pushes past me, and my thoughts lose all connection. She sucks violently on my lower lip, bites me. Finally, she becomes gentler, leaving my tongue in her mouth. Well, I have my lipstick with it. We are both hopelessly smeared black and dark red.

We are at home. She gives me a sign, and I obey. I still have other lips to kiss. I sit down on the ground, and she rises above me, the dress like a tent above me. She does not wear any panties, and her moist, hairless labia are right above me. I stretch myself up and kiss her. I suck at her outer lips, pushing my tongue between her inner and taste of the tip of the tongue after her clit. She twitches a little and moans softly. I let my tongue tip twitch back and forth over her clit. Slowly she goes back, my mouth never breaking from her divine Venus lips. She lays down on the bed, the dress pulled up, and I kneel before her. My face is glued to her delicious juice, and my universe shrinks together on her twitching body. Finally, her abdomen reared, and a long-drawn, groaning groan filled my world; A pleasant shudder ride down my spine, I know there is a sense for me in this dead, sick

World. I straighten myself, and my erection blows up almost my pants. I have hardly noticed them so far. But that is unimportant, because my goddess looks happy.

Shower again. This time her. I pull out, trying to do it slowly and sexy, but without the machismo of the menstripper. She hates machos. It is not difficult for me to undress because she directs me to her looks. She slips out of her dress, and I can see her in all her divine beauty: tall and slender, a skin white as milk, a shot of blood; Fine blue veins, which appear under the skin; Small, firm breasts, which are not really pointed, but also not properly round, small, pink-colored warts, in which the larger, light-colored nipples sit, which stiffly protrude; Long, slender arms, sitting on narrow, delicate shoulders; Slightly prominent bones; Armpits as smooth as a statue, as well as their shame; Narrow hands long slender fingers, long blood-red fingernails; A small, oval belly button, a silver ring; Long, slender legs, small, delicate feet. I can not stand it anymore, I have to kneel down and kiss her feet. She lets it happen, visibly amused. Finally she pulls me up. She pushes me to her, my naked body on hers. Now I feel really at home. With my goddess. We kiss, and my hands caress their breasts. My cock presses against her stomach, the glans hit her navel ring. She sucks my tongue and pulls my teeth on the steel pencil in my tongue. My fingertips circle around her nipples, and she breathes harder. She frees herself from me, takes my hand just pulls me towards the bathroom. I let myself be led by her. I do not care. If she leads me, all is well. I am allowed to soothe her gorgeous body, and I am particularly intensely busy with her firm, splendid breasts, and with her labia I am quite careful, since no soap comes into her vagina. She sucks me, playing my glans, then my testicles. For a moment she squeezes my sack, pretending to squash my eggs. She could if she wanted. I would not resist. And she knows that. She has power. I am allowed to wash her wonderful red mane, while washing my hair. We could shower for hours. Sometimes she tied me to the shower faucets … But now she leads me out of the shower, back to the bedroom. It can be dried by me. She throws me on the bed. I let myself fall, lose all my own will, become her helpless toy. Her long nails clench into my skin. She bends down and kisses my chest. I offer her my hands, and she binds her to the bedstead behind my head. She puts on ankle-cuffs, and I can hardly move. My cock feels like he’s bursting. She crawls between my legs and kisses my glans, licking the rest of my severed frenulum. Like a stream of liquid metal, lust flows through my abdomen, but my goddess withdraws. Oh, divine mistress, take me, take me at last! She scratches and strokes, caresses and scratches my skin, kisses me everywhere, bites me, sucks on my face, until I tremble with excitement. She rubs her breasts against me. An eternity later, she finally takes my painfully hard cock up in the damp, warm depths of her divine vagina, and as if in slow motion she starts to rock up and down. I almost have to shake my shoulders to touch my lips with her breasts. She bends down a little to make it easier for me. Slowly their movements become more violent. She grabs her hands in the crotch, and her middle fingers glide between her labia to caress her clitoris. Since I do not wear eyebands this time, I can see it. She knows exactly how far she may go before I come; She doses her movements deliberately until her first orgasm comes, but after the first rearing she becomes wild and uncontrolled. When she comes for the third time, I feel the tingling in my abdomen turn into a rumble, and I know I’ll come. The last twitch of her third orgasm ‘goes seamlessly into the first of my. A loud, inarticulate groan escapes me; Maybe I’m screaming, I do not know. I feel tears on my face. I cry because I’m happy. I have served my goddess, and she has given me a moment of divinity. I touched the sky.

It’s fifteen. Actually, we wanted to eat at the Indian, but he already had a day break, and now we are really hungry. I have to cook a little something for ourselves, and later I order something for us at the Indian delivery service … I want to see her happy, because my job is to make her happy, only then can I be happy.