Inzest – The little niece

My sister, to whom I have always had a good relationship, asked me that her daughter, my niece, would come to my farm for a week, as she had to leave for a couple of days. Of course, I gladly agreed to look after my niece, but I could not guess what happened in this week.

So it was then that my sister brought her daughter with me. I greeted my niece, who was right around my neck. I felt her small firm breasts, which were under her T-shirt and I had to realize that she had developed quite beautifully since I last saw her. She had already become a real little woman with her 13 years.

“Well my little one, you’re glad to be with me.” I asked her.
“Yes, uncle. I’m always fond of you, “she replied.
“Well, come on in.” I said, taking her bag from her.

Then we went into the house. Felix my Labbradorrüde, jumped to meet us immediately and Lisa leaned to him and stroked him over his coat. I knew that Lisa, my dog ​​very much liked and he too was very fond of her.

We spent some lovely days on my farm. Lisa was good to me and she had great fun in life on the farm. She was busy with the animals and was also interested in my work on the field. In the evening we watched TV together or played cards. It was a nice time and I was very sorry that my little niece had to leave me two days later. She enriched my life, and since I had no children myself, her presence made me all the happier.

On the penultimate evening we sat together again in front of the TV. Lisa lay on the sofa and Felix lay next to her and let herself be crawled. I sat in the chair and we watched the TV program.

“Uncle, what’s wrong with Felix?” Lisa suddenly asked me.

I looked at her and saw Felix, visibly excited by her stroking, had pulled out his belt. I had to laugh at the sight.

“You’ve probably aroused him with your cries,” I replied.
“How do you mean the uncle?” She asked me naive.
“Well, if you cheat him like that, it’s not uncommon for Felix to get excited and his penis so hard.” I tried to explain the whole thing to her.
“Oh,” she replied.
“Do you think it unpleasant?” I asked her.
“No, why,” she replied.
“Then be a little dear to him and cringe his penis, that pleases him definitely,” I said then.
“If you mean uncle,” she replied.

Then, with her hand, she stroked his belt, which straightened up and grew in size. I was the same at this sight and I decided to spread the game a bit further.

“You see him like that,” I said.
“How do you recognize the uncle?” She asked me.
“Well, you can see that his penis is getting bigger,” I explained.
“Oh,” she said.
“Have not you ever seen a penis?” I asked her.
“No uncle, never,” she replied.
“Do you have a friend Lisa?” I asked.
“Yes, but now no more, he is kind of stupid,” she replied to her childish naive style.
“And have you never seen your friend’s penis?” I continued.

The conversation with my niece excited me very much. The thought of how she became intimate with her friend or even had sex made me crazy.

“No, I’m not uncle,” she replied.
“Would you like to see his penis?” I asked again.
“Yes. Maybe, “she said timidly.

Still she stroked Felix’s belt, which was now really hard and upright. Also my penis was slow hard and I considered how I should proceed now, but then she took away my reflections.

“Would you show me your penis Uncle?” She asked me.

I did not know what to say. I had ever even tried to get the talk in such a direction, but that Lisa now so sprang, irritated me a little.

“Would you like to see my penis?” I asked again.
“Yes,” she said.
“But you must promise me that you do not tell anyone, not even your mother,” I said.
“Yes I promise you the uncle,” she said.
“Okay,” I replied.

I got up and opened my pants and let her slip away. Then I slipped down my panties and so I stood with an uninhabited abdomen before my niece. My penis was already a little excited and stood more than that he hung down. Lisa looked at my penis with big eyes and interrupted the crawl of Felix.

“Can I touch him?” She asked me.
“If you want,” I replied.

She reached out and rubbed my glans. Her hand was very gentle and soft and excited my penis even more, so he became bigger and harder.

“He’s growing just like Felix’s,” she said.
“Yes men like that when women touch him with the hand,” I replied.
“You find that beautiful?” She asked me.
“Very much,” I said.

She wrapped her penis with her delicate hand and began to wank him. He had already reached its full height and I enjoyed being spoiled by my niece.

“Do not you want to undress?” I asked her suddenly.
“If you want that uncle,” she replied.
“Yes, very much like it,” I said.

She got up and took off her clothes. Her breasts were small, but very hard and her nipples were not yet off. Then she stripped off her panties and stood naked in front of me. She had a beautiful body, though not quite frail. I could not see her Muchi, but her hairline.

“You’re very beautiful Lisa,” I said.
“Thank you, Uncle,” she said, turning slightly red.
“Would you like your uncle to be very nice to you?” I asked her.
“But you are always dear to me,” she replied.
“Yes sure. But I mean as much as a man is to a woman, “I said.
“Yes,” she replied.
“Then sit down on the sofa,” I said.

Lisa obeyed and sat down on the sofa. I crouched in front of her and began to kiss her breast. Her nipples straightened quickly and my tongue circling them. Then I kissed on her belly, up to her thighs. I spread her legs slightly, pushing my head between her thighs. My tongue looked for her Muchi and began spoiling her. I played with her clit and felt her wet. My tongue ran over her labia and suddenly her body shrank and she gave a scream.

“Uncle, what was that?” She asked me.

I interrupted my caress and looked at her.

“I guess you had your first orgasm ebend,” I said.
“That was an orgasm?” She asked me.
“Yes Lisa. Did you like it? “I asked.
“Yes, very much,” she replied.
“Would you like me to do it again?” I asked.
“Yes, uncle, but I want you to have an orgasm, too,” she said.
“You want to do that?” I asked.
“Yes, very fond of uncles. But I do not know what to do, “she said.
“You only need to spoil my penis, kiss it and caress it. Just think it would be a lollipop, “I said.
“Like a Lolli?” She laughed.
“Yeah, about that,” I laughed.

She wrapped my cock with her hand and jerked him lightly again. Her lips nourished my glans and then I could feel her hot breath. Her lips kissed my glans and then I felt her tongue. Her mouth clasped my glans and then she had him already in her mouth and began to suck him like a lollipop. That made me crazy and I could barely hold on to me.

“If I have an orgasm, then there’s cream splashing out of my penis. You can drink the cream, too, if you want. “I said, groaning.

Then it did not take much longer and I’m already spraying. Lisa really swallowed a part of my cream, but had to bend over to the big pressure and so a lot of splashing on her chest and in her face. Lisa, however, did not listen to my cock to jerk until he stopped twitching.

“Did you like that?” She asked.
“Yes, very much. And you too? “I asked back.
“Yes, Uncle, that was very nice,” she replied.
“Did you like my cream?” I asked.
“It was not sweet like cream,” she said.
“Oh, ne?” I replied.
“And it was a little too much to drink anything,” she said.
“Would you like me to spoil you again?” I asked.
“Yes, very fond of uncles,” she said.

She sat down on the sofa again, spreading her legs by herself. I dived again between her thighs and began to lick them. My tongue circling around her clit again and this time it took some time until she came to orgasm. This time, however, he was more intense this time, which could also be seen from her moaning. Her hands clung to my hair as she came.

“Oh that was super uncle,” she said.
“I’m glad Lisa,” I replied.
“Uncle can we do it again?” She asked me.
“If you like.

And did you like it? “She asked.
“Yes, as you see,” I replied, pointing to my completely stiff tail again.
“Oh yes,” she said.

Then she leaned over my cock and took it in her mouth. The little bitch seemed to have fallen in love. She sucked and blown even better than the first time and it took much longer this time until I exploded again. Lisa tried very hard to swallow, but again she had to bend my pressure, so I sprayed her again on her chest and in her face.

We also had some oral pleasure the next day and the last night, but I did not sleep with her since she told me that she was still a virgin. She wanted me to do it with her, but I was afraid that my sister would notice something and I did not want to risk it. Then my niece returned home, but she often visited me and we had a lot of fun together. When she was deflowered by her boyfriend and proudly told me, my concerns were gone and we slept together. I am still the lover of my niece even though she is now 20 years old and lives in a firm partnership.